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Website Development Services

24xonline believe in innovative website creation as per their client requirements. Website development project handled by us have remarkable impact and feedback. Website development is vide term for the work involved in developing a web for internet which is accessible by everyone. We give equal importance to each web development project either big or small. Our team work has helped clients to get their business goals by designing, developing, integrating and supporting for online presence. Website development has made possible of global presence of business by reaching targeted audience through the world. Our experienced web developers programming professionals have developed numerous custom-made web applications for website. Our expert team has been part of many website development projects.

Since the commercialization of the web, web development has been a growing industry. The growth of this industry is being pushed especially by businesses wishing to sell products and services to online customers. Growing set of tools and technologies have helped developers build more dynamic and interactive websites.

Difference between Web development or Website Development

Web Development is vide term use for various actives related to development of website such as Web Design, Web Content Development, Web Server, Network Security configuration etc. But website Development can understand as development of website for the World Wide Web or an internet which many include task such as graphic design.

Website Development Services offered by 24x7online
  • Shopping Card Customization with feature of online payment acceptance
  • Update of Content without technical expertise through our Content Management System
  • Web Development of dynamic site with database to provide online information
  • Expertise in PHP, MySQL, Java Script
  • Ecommerce website development with one stop solution
Areas of web developments

Web Development can be split into many areas i.e typical and basic web development hierarchy which might consist of coding

Client Side Coding
  • CSS
  • XHTML (in accordance to modern web design standards, XHTML's use is replacing the older HTML)
  • Javascript
  • Flash (Adobe Flash Player is a ubiquitous client-side platform ready for RIAs. Flex 2 is also deployed to the Flash Player (version 9+))
  • Microsoft SilverLight But doesnt seem to support older win9x versions
Server Side Coding
  • PHP and MySQL
  • ASP and MSSQL
  • CGI and/or Perl
  • Java, e.g. J2EE or WebObjects
  • Python, e.g. Django (web framework)
  • Ruby, e.g. Ruby on Rails
  • Smalltalk e.g. Seaside
  • ColdFusion
  • Lotus Domino

Our highly expert web developers also have interdisciplinary skills such as Graphic design / web design, Information architecture and copywriting/copyediting with web usability, accessibility and search engine optimization in mind, project management, QA and other aspects common to IT development in general.

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